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100 Most Important Synonyms And Antonyms With Vocabulary Words PDF Download

100 Most Important Synonyms And Antonyms
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Looking for ways to boost your vocabulary skills in Urdu? Check out our comprehensive list of 100+ antonyms and synonyms meaning in Urdu.100+ Antonyms and Synonyms meaning in Urdu. For more interesting article visit this link.

100+ Antonyms and Synonyms Meaning in Urdu

If you want to become a fluent speaker of Urdu, then it’s essential to build your vocabulary. The more words you know, the more effectively you can communicate. And one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary is by learning synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings, while antonyms are words that have opposite meanings.

In this article, we will share a list of 100+ antonyms and synonyms meaning in Urdu. These words will help you enrich your vocabulary and express yourself more precisely.

What are synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms and antonyms are two types of words that can be used to expand one’s vocabulary and improve language skills.


Synonyms are words that have similar or the same meaning as another word in a given context.

For example

The words “happy” and “joyful” are synonyms because they have a similar meaning.


Antonyms are words that have opposite or contrasting meanings to another word in a given context.

For Example

The words “hot” and “cold” are antonyms because they have opposite meanings.

Learning synonyms and antonyms can help you express yourself more precisely and effectively. By using these words in your conversations or writing, you can add more depth and nuance to your language skills.

List of 100+ Antonyms and Synonyms Meaning in Urdu

Here is the complete list of 100 antonyms and synonyms words with meaning in Urdu.

List 1 – Antonyms and Synonyms

Words Synonyms Meanings Antonyms Meanings
Addiction Craving عادت Independence آزادی
Common General عام Uncommon خاص
Problem Issue مسئلہ Solution حل
Absolute Total مکمل Partial ضمنی
Sickness Ailment بیماری Health صحت
Risky Dangerous خطرناک Safe محفوظ
Environment Atmosphere ماحول Unnatural غیر فطرتی
Factor Aspect عنصر Total مکمل
Peer Fellow ساتھی Peerless تنہا
Influence Effect اثر Free آزاد
Trouble Irritated مشکل Peaceful پرسکون
Domestic Of  the home گھریلو External بیرونی
Background Breeding پس منظر Foreground سامنے والا منظر
Remain Delay رہنا Avoid بچنا
Adventure Hazard مہم Safety حفاظت
Escape Getaway بچ نکلنا Join شامل ہونا
Recovery Healing صحت یابی Illness بیماری
Including Containing شامل کرنا Exclude خارج کرنا
Consider Regard as سمجھنا Ignore نظر انداز کرنا
Taboo Forbidden ممنوعہ Allowed اجازت دینا
Share Partake دکھ سکھ میں شریک Avoid بچانا
Embarrassed Shameful شرمناک Honored عزت
Lake Absence کمی Addition اضافہ
Treatment Curing علاج Negligence کوتاہی

100+ Antonyms and Synonyms Meaning in Urdu

List 2 – Antonyms and Synonyms

Words Synonyms Meanings Antonyms Meanings
Outcast Vagabond آوارہ گرد Inhabitant رہائشی
Counseling Advice مشاورت Dissuade باز رکھنا
Process Method طریق کار Overdone طے شدہ
Look after Supervise نگہداشت کرنا Ignore نظر انداز کرنا
Provide Give مہیا کرنا Deprive محروم کرنا
Certified Authentic تصدیق شدہ Vulgar آوارہ
Available Provided مہیاکرنا Rare نایاب
Victim Suffer شکار Healthy صحت مند
Contribute Add حصہ ڈالنا Receive حاصل کرنا
Proper Suitable مناسب Improper ناموزوں
Undergo Endure مبتلا ہونا Avoid بچنا
Eliminate Lessen کم کرنا Increase بڑھانا
Wipe out Eradicate ختم کرنا Establish قائم کرنا
Aware Alive to آگاہی Unaware بے خبر
Pose Posit دینا Withhold روکنا
Vow Swear قسم کھانا Distrust بداعتمادی
Noise Sound شور Silence خاموشی
Disrupt Disorder خلل ڈالنا Assist مدد کرنا
Source Means ذریعہ Effect اثر
Stress Anxiety اضطراب Safety تحفظ
Nuisance Trouble تکلیف Peace سکون
Survey Review سروے Obscure مبہم
Claim Profess دعوی کرنا Lose کھودینا
Site Spot علاقہ Disposition بدمزاج

100 Most Important Synonyms And Antonyms With Vocabulary Words PDF Download

List 3 – Antonyms and Synonyms

Words Synonyms Meanings Antonyms Meanings
Appliances Apparatus آلات Physical جسمانی
Pattern Method طریقہ Modeless بے انداز
Stressful Worrying دباؤ والا Appealing دلکش
Community Locality معاشرہ Individual انفرادی
Growth Increase بڑھنا Decline کمی
Multiply Grow اضافہ Decrease کم کرنا
Give raise to Cause باعث ہونا Result نتیجہ
Immense Utter شدید Tiny معمولی
Mushroom Rapid تیز Slow سست
Expose Reveal بے نقاب کرنا Cover ڈھانپنا
Permanent Regular مستقل Temporary عارضی
Piercing Penetrating چھیدنا Silent خاموشی
Drilling Pricking سوراخ کرنا Replenish بھر دینا
Disturb Hinder پریشان کرنا Please خوش کرنا
Fatigue Tired تھکاوٹ Ease سکون
Irritant Aggravating اشتعال انگیز Pacify پرسکون کرنا
Excessively Enormously بکثرت Casually کبھی  کبھار
Develop Create اضافہ کرنا Lessen کم کرنا
Civic Municipal شہریت Rural دیہاتی
Impact Effect اثر Cause باعث
Aggression Offense جارحیت Peace سکون
Depression Despair مایوسی Satisfaction مطمئن
Insomnia Sleeplessness بے خوابی Sleep نیند
Further More مزید Less کم

100 Most Important Synonyms And Antonyms With Vocabulary Words PDF Download

List 4 – Antonyms and Synonyms

Words Synonyms Meanings Antonyms Meanings
Dire Deep شدید Ordinary عام
Bring down Decrease کم کرنا Increase بڑھانا
Gear Increase بڑھانا Bring down کم کرنا
Utilize Bring to use استعمال میں لانا Unuse غیر استعمال شدہ
Recommend Suggest سفارش کرنا Oppose مخالفت کرنا
Commercial Of  business کاروباری Household گھریلو
Strictly Sternly سختی سے Mildly نرمی سے
Enforce Promulgate لاگو کرنا Withdraw واپس لینا
Smooth Rhythmic رواں Irregular بے قاعدہ
Flow Running بہنا Stoppage رکاوٹ
Emit Eject خارج کرنا Absorb جذب کرنا
Barriers Hurdles رکاوٹیں Permit اجازت دینا
Expedite Hasten تیز کرنا Finish ختم کرنا
Minimize Lessen کم سے کم Maximize زیادہ سے زیادہ
Frame Make بنانا Break توڑنا
Prohibit Forbid منع کرنا Allow اجازت دینا
Acquire Gain حاصل کرنا Lose کھودینا
Attitude Method رویہ Reaction ردعمل
Quieter Calm پرسکون Disturbing بے آرام
Excellent Superb شاندار Poor ناقص
Emphasis Insist on زور دینا Ignore نظر انداز کرنا
Sharply Exactly تیزی سے Slowly آہستہ
Vigor Energy قوت Weakness کمزوری
Keenness Zeal اشتیاق Hatred نفرت

100 Most Important Synonyms And Antonyms With Vocabulary Words PDF Download


How can I use synonyms and antonyms to improve my vocabulary?

Using synonyms and antonyms can help you expand your vocabulary by providing alternative words with similar or opposite meanings. Learning and using these words in context can also improve your understanding and communication skills.

How do I remember antonyms and synonyms?

To remember antonyms and synonyms, practice using flashcards or repetition exercises. Also, try to associate them with their opposite or similar meanings to make it easier to recall.

Can using antonyms and synonyms help me in exams?

Yes, using antonyms and synonyms can help you in exams as it can improve your understanding of vocabulary and help you choose the correct answer.

How often should I practice antonyms and synonyms?

You should practice antonyms and synonyms regularly, ideally on a daily basis, to improve your vocabulary and language skills. Consistent practice will help you retain and use these words effectively in your writing and communication.


In conclusion, synonyms and antonyms play a crucial role in the Urdu language, as they allow speakers and writers to express themselves with greater precision and nuance. Synonyms offer alternative words with similar meanings, while antonyms provide words with opposite meanings. Both of these linguistic tools can be used to enrich language, improve communication, and enhance the overall impact of written and spoken communication. By understanding and utilizing synonyms and antonyms in Urdu, speakers and writers can better convey their intended messages and connect with their audiences more effectively.

Synonyms and Antonyms meaning in Urdu PDF Download

As we have discussed in detail Most important synonyms and antonyms with vocabulary Words are in the above article. Make your time important and get a PDF of synonyms and antonyms words without wasting time by clicking on the below link.

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