English Vocabulary In Urdu

500+ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs with English to Urdu Meanings

Learning the various forms of verbs in English and their Urdu meanings is critical for mastering the English language, whether speaking, writing, or understanding it. This comprehensive reference covers the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd forms of over 100 common English verbs in Urdu to build solid verbal skills.

Understanding the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms of Verbs

  • The 1st form is the base form of the verb used in sentence construction (e.g. walk, go, run). 
  • The 2nd form is the simple past tense expressing a completed action (e.g. walked, went, ran). 
  • The 3rd form is the past participle used in the present perfect and past perfect tenses (e.g. have walked, had run).

Alongside each verb form is the Urdu meaning, enabling an English learner to connect the verbs with concepts they already understand in their native language. Grouping verbs by their form and correlated Urdu translation cements robust verb knowledge.

Having a facility with these various verb forms lays a strong foundation for good grammar, sentence construction, and fluency. Internalizing the table gives learners the essential tools to build English verbal skills. Referring back to the table as needed when encountering unfamiliar verbs will spur mastery of even more advanced verbal usage over time.

List of 500+ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs with English to Urdu Meanings

V1 Urdu Meanings V2 V3
Abandon چھوڑ دینا Abandoned Abandoned
Abash شرمندہ کرنا Abashed Abashed
Abate کم کرنا Abated Abated
Abbreviate مختصر کرنا Abbreviated Abbreviated
Abduct اغوا کرنا Abducted Abducted
Aberrate بہکنا Aberrated Aberrated
Abet اکسانا Abetted Abetted
Abhor نفرت کرنا Abhorred Abhorred
Abide برداشت کرنا Abode/Abided Abode/Abided
Abjure ترک کر دینا Abjured Abjured
Able قابل Was Able/Could Been Able
Abnegate انکار کرنا Abnegated Abnegated
Abort اجاڑنا Aborted Aborted
About لگ بھگ
Above اوپر
Abrade نokشدaرd كرنا Abraded Abraded
Abridge مختصر کرنا Abridged Abridged
Abrogate منسوخ کرنا Abrogated Abrogated
Abscond فرار ہونا Absconded Absconded
Absent غائب Was/Were Absent Been Absent
Absolve برائت دینا Absolved Absolved
Absorb جذب کرنا Absorbed Absorbed
Abstain پرہیز کرنا Abstained Abstained
Abstract اجمالی Abstracted Abstracted
Abuse گالی دینا Abused Abused
Abysm گہرائی
Abyss گہرائی
Accede منظور کر لینا Acceded Acceded
Accelerate تیز کرنا Accelerated Accelerated
Accent Zor دینا Accented Accented
Accept قبول کر لینا Accepted Accepted
Access رسائی Accessed Accessed
Acclaim تعریف کرنا Acclaimed Acclaimed
Acclimatize عارضی موافق بنانا Acclimatized Acclimatized
Accommodate سماجت کرنا Accommodated Accommodated
Accompany ہمراہ ہونا Accompanied Accompanied
Accomplish مکمل کرنا Accomplished Accomplished
Accord مطابقت Accorded Accorded
Accost آگے بڑھ کر سلام کرنا Accosted Accosted
Account حساب Accounted Accounted
Accrue جمع ہو جانا Accrued Accrued
Acculturate ثقافت کا اثر Acculturated Acculturated
Accumulate جمع کرنا Accumulated Accumulated
Accurate درست
Accuse الزام عائد کرنا Accused Accused
Ache درد Ached Ached
Achieve حاصل کرنا Achieved Achieved
Acidify تیز کرنا Acidified Acidified
Acknowledge تسلیم کرنا Acknowledged Acknowledged
Acquaint آگاہ کرانا Acquainted Acquainted
Acquiesce رضا مند ہونا Acquiesced Acquiesced
Acquire حاصل کرنا Acquired Acquired
Acquit بری کرنا Acquitted Acquitted
Act کردار ادا کرنا Acted Acted
Action کارروائی
Activate فعال کرنا Activated Activated
Active فعال
Actual اصل
Actuate کام کرنا Actuated Actuated
Adapt موافق بنانا Adapted Adapted
Add جمع کرنا Added Added
Addict لت کرنا Addicted Addicted
Address پتہ Addressed Addressed
Adequate کافی
Adhere چپکنا Adhered Adhered
Adjacent ساتھ
Adjoin ملا ہونا Adjoined Adjoined
Adjudge فیصلہ دینا Adjudged Adjudged
Adjust ٹھیک کرنا Adjusted Adjusted
Administer انتظام کرنا Administered Administered
Admire تعریف کرنا Admired Admired
Admit اجازت دینا Admitted Admitted
Admonish نصیحت کرنا Admonished Admonished
Adopt اپنانا Adopted Adopted
Adore عبادت کرتے ہوئے پیار کرنا Adored Adored
Adorn آرائش دینا Adorned Adorned
Adroit ماہرانہ
Adulate خوشامدیاں Adulated Adulated
Advance ترقی دینا Advanced Advanced
Advantage فائدہ
Advent آمد
Adventure سیر و سیاحت Adventured Adventured
Advertise اشاعت کرنا Advertised Advertised
Advise مشورہ دینا Advised Advised
Advocate وکیل کرنا Advocated Advocated
Aerate ہوا دار کرنا Aerated Aerated
Affect اثر انداز ہونا Affected Affected
Affiliate شریک بنانا Affiliated Affiliated
Affirm تسلیم کر لینا Affirmed Affirmed
Affix لگانا Affixed Affixed
Afflict تکلیف دینا Afflicted Afflicted
Afford دینے کی صلاحیت رکھنا Afforded Afforded
Afloat تیرنے پر
Afraid ڈرا ہوا
After بعد
Afterward اس کے بعد
Again دوبارہ
Against خلاف
Aggravate بڑھانا Aggravated Aggravated
Aggregate مجموعی طور پر Aggregated Aggregated
Aggress آمنے سامنے ہونا Aggressed Aggressed
Agitate پریشان کرنا Agitated Agitated
Agonize تکلیف میں ڈالنا Agonized Agonized
Agree اتفاق کرنا Agreed Agreed
Aid مدد کرنا Aided Aided
Aim نشانہ باندھنا Aimed Aimed
Air ہوا Aired Aired
Alarm خطرہ Alarmed Alarmed
Album یادگار
Alcohol الکحل
Alert چوکس Alerted Alerted
Algebra جبر
Alias مستعار نام
Align سیدھا کرنا Aligned Aligned
Alike مشابہ
Alive زندہ
All سب
Allege دعویٰ کرنا Alleged Alleged
Alleviate ہلکا کرنا Alleviated Alleviated
Allow اجازت دینا Allowed Allowed
Alloy ملاوٹ Alloyed Alloyed
Allude اشارہ کرنا Alluded Alluded
Aloft اوپر
Alone اکیلا
Along ساتھ
Aloof دور
Alphabet حروف تہجی
Already پہلے سے
Also بھی
Although حالانکہ
Always ہمیشہ
Am ہوں Was Been
Amaze حیران کرنا Amazed Amazed
Ambush چھاپہ مار Ambushed Ambushed
Amen امین
Amid بیچ میں
Amidst بیچ میں
Amount مقدار
Amour عشق
Amputate کاٹنا Amputated Amputated
Amuse تفریح Amused Amused
Analogous مشابہ
Analyse تجزیہ کرنا Analysed Analysed
Anchor لنگر Anchored Anchored
Ancient قدیم
And اور
Anecdote واقعہ
Anesthetize بےہوش کرنا Anesthetized Anesthetized
Angelfish فرشتہ مچھلی
Angle کون Angled Angled
Anguish تکلیف
Angular کوندار
Animal جانور
Annex ضم کرنا Annexed Annexed
Announce اعلان کرنا Announced Announced
Annoy پریشان کرنا Annoyed Annoyed
Annual سالانہ
Anonymous گمنام
Antarctica انٹارکٹکا
Antelope ہرن
Antlers شاخیں
Anxiety فکر
Anxious بے چین
Any کوئی
Anyone کوئی بھی
Anything کوئی چیز
Anywhere کہیں بھی
Apart الگ
Apartment اپارٹمنٹ
Ape بندر
Aperitif ایپریٹف
Aphorism حکمت الہی
Apologize معذرت Apologized Apologized
Apostle حواری
Appall ڈرانا Appalled Appalled
Apparently ظاہری طور پر
Appeal اپیل کرنا Appealed Appealed
Appear ظاہر ہونا Appeared Appeared
Apple سیب
Appliance آلہ
Applause تالی
Application درخواست
Apply اطلاق کرنا Applied Applied
Appoint مقرر کرنا Appointed Appointed
Appreciate قدر کرنا Appreciated Appreciated
Approach قریب آنا Approached Approached
Appropriate مناسب
Approximate تقریباً
Apron ایپرن
April اپریل
Aquarium آبگیرہ
Aquatic پانی سے متعلق
Arable قابل زرع
Arbiter فیصلہ دہندہ
Arcadia آرکیڈیا
Archaeology آثارِ قدیمہ کا علم
Archetype اصل نمونہ
Arctic شمالی قطبی
Argue جھگڑنا Argued Argued
Arise اٹھنا Arose Arisen
Arithmetic حساب
Arm بازو
Armadillo آرماڈیلو
Armpit کانپن
Army فوج
Around گردون
Arrange ترتیب دینا Arranged Arranged
Arrest گرفتاری Arrested Arrested
Arrive پہنچنا Arrived Arrived
Arrow تیر
Art فن
Artichoke آرٹی چوک
Article مضمون
Ascend چڑھنا Ascended Ascended
Ascertain یقینی بنانا Ascertained Ascertained
Ask پوچھنا Asked Asked
Asleep سویا ہوا
Asp اسپ
Asparagus اسپیراگس
Aspect پہلو
Ass گدھا
Assassinate حرام کردہ قتل Assassinated Assassinated
Assault حملہ کرنا Assaulted Assaulted
Assemble اکٹھا کرنا Assembled Assembled
Assert دعوی کرن

250 To 500 English To Urdu Forms of Verbs

V1 Urdu Meanings V2 V3
Assert دعویٰ کرنا Asserted Asserted
Assess تخمینہ لگانا Assessed Assessed
Assign تفویض کرنا Assigned Assigned
Assimilate مشابہ بنانا Assimilated Assimilated
Assist مدد کرنا Assisted Assisted
Assort انتخاب کرنا Assorted Assorted
Assuage درد تسکین دینا Assuaged Assuaged
Assume فرض کرنا Assumed Assumed
Assure یقین دلانا Assured Assured
Astir مصروف
Astound حیران کن Astounded Astounded
Astride سواری کی حالت میں Astride Astride
Asunder الگ
Atone معافی مانگنا Attoned Attoned
Attack حملہ آوری Attacked Attacked
Attain پانا Attained Attained
Attempt کوشش کرنا Attempted Attempted
Attend شرکت کرنا Attended Attended
Attest گواہی دینا Attested Attested
Attract جذب کرنا Attracted Attracted
Attribute نسبت دینا Attributed Attributed
Atone معافی مانگنا Attoned Attoned
Auction نیلام Auctioned Auctioned
Audit سنجیدگی کرنا Audited Audited
Augur پیشگوئی کرنا Augured Augured
Augment بڑھانا Augmented Augmented
Auspicious باشگون
Author مصنف Authored Authored
Automate خودکار بنانا Automated Automated
Authenticate جانچنا Authenticated Authenticated
Authorize اجازت دینا Authorized Authorized
Avalanche برفانی لغزش
Avenge بدلہ لینا Avenged Avenged
Aver دعویٰ کرنا Averred Averred
Averse ناپسند
Aviation طیارت
Aviator طیار
Avow اعتراف کرنا Avowed Avowed
Awake جاگنا Awakened/Awoke Awakened/Awakened
Awaken جگانا Awakened Awakened
Award انعام دینا Awarded Awarded
Aware آگاہ
Awe خوفزدہ کرنا Awed Awed
Awesome حیرت انگیز
Awful بدترین

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs with Pictures

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forms Of Verbs

Conclusion: Mastering Verbs Forms for Fluency

Learning the major forms of verbs in English and their correlated meanings in Urdu builds a critical foundation for verbal fluency. This table equips the learner with 100+ of the most valuable English verbs in base, past, and past participle forms. Referring back to the table facilitates grasping advanced verb usage over time. Mastering English verbs in Urdu is critical to unlocking English proficiency.

A: Why learn the 1st, 2nd and 3rd forms of verbs?

Learning the different verb forms allows you to use verbs properly while speaking and writing English. Knowing which form to use in various grammatical contexts is key.

A: Where can I find more English verbs with Urdu meanings?

There are many English-to-Urdu dictionary books and websites that provide verb forms and meanings. Also, search for English grammar resources explicitly focused on Urdu speakers.

A: Do I need to memorize all the forms?

It’s not essential to memorize every form. However, memorizing the common irregular verbs and understanding the standard rules for forming verb forms will help greatly.

A: What are helping verbs in English grammar?

Helping verbs like “has”, “was”, and “could” are used alongside main verbs to construct different tenses and grammar structures. Knowing every day helping verbs is vital.

A: How will learning these forms improve my English?

Mastering verb forms and when to use them allows you to communicate accurately. Proper verb usage improves your speaking, writing, and comprehension of English.

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Bilal Rafique, the person behind Ilmhere.com, works hard to create real and detailed educational content that helps people get better at English. Ilmhere.com is a website where you can learn English online. It covers lots of topics like English grammar, how to write applications, and other useful things to make learning easier.

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