7+ Best Applications For Closing Bank Locker (2024)

Banks provide locker facilities to customers looking for safe storage spaces for their valuables. However, circumstances may arise when a customer wishes to discontinue the locker service. The customer must apply to the bank manager in such cases, citing valid reasons for locker closure and necessary supporting documents.

List Of Applications for Closing Bank Locker

The application should clearly state the locker number, account details, reason for discontinuation, the date from which the locker should be closed, and the mode for transferring locker contents. All locker holders should sign it in case of joint accounts. Approval timelines vary across banks. Once approved, customers can transfer contents to another locker or take physical possession within stipulated timelines. Failing, banks will force open lockers and move contents to safe custody against locker rent and penalty charges.

We provide sample-filled applications for various locker closure scenarios that customers can use as request letter templates when applying to discontinue bank locker services.

Application to Terminate Bank Locker Due to Financial Constraints

Customers facing financial distress may struggle to pay recurring locker rents. Here is a sample application for voluntarily relinquishing a locker facility if unable to bear rental expenses.

Date: 12 November 2023


The Branch Manager

ABC Bank

Main Branch


Subject: Application for terminating locker No. 123 due to financial constraints

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Vikram Pandya, hold locker No.123 at your main branch in Mumbai under Customer ID 325XX98. I have been facing immense financial constraints recently, making it difficult to continue paying the recurring locker rent.

I lost my job two months ago and am still struggling to find new employment. Under such circumstances, at least I cannot bear the locker expenses for the next few months.

I request you to please terminate locker number 123 assigned to me with immediate effect. The locker holds only some family jewelry and legal documents with high sentimental value but very little monetary value. I would personally visit the branch in the coming week to empty and hand over possession of the said locker and complete other necessary formalities as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact me on the numbers below to discuss the process.

Thank you for being so cooperative in this matter.


Vikram Pandya

Contact No. 9876543210

Customers should remain respectful while providing accurate details on constraints to support their need for closure. Financials play an essential role in determining approval outcomes.

Application Requesting Consolidation of Multiple Bank Lockers

Customers holding multiple small lockers with a bank, available over the years, may want to optimize costs by consolidating contents into a more extensive vault. Below is a sample application format for requesting merger support:

Date: 30 November 2023


The Branch Manager

XYZ Bank

Council Hall Branch


Subject: Request for consolidation of Locker Numbers 121 and 233

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Sanjay Lal, hold two separate lockers (Numbers 121 and 233) at your Council Hall branch in Bangalore under Customer ID 698XX43.

As the lockers are located separately, operating both independently has become cumbersome. Additionally, locker 121 needs to be more significant for my expanding needs. I wish to continue safekeeping all contents in your bank by consolidating both lockers into a single, larger locker.

I thus request you to initiate the process for:

  1. Allotting me a new large-sized locker at your nearest available branch
  2. Allowing me to transfer the contents of both old lockers (#121 and #233) into the newly allotted large locker
  3. Termination of the two old/small lockers (#121 and #233) after successful transfer

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further details and process requirements. Consolidating lockers will allow the bank to free up locker #121 for allotment to other customers.

Thank you for your assistance.


Sanjay Lal

Contact: 7665534221

Banks usually allow the consolidation of multiple lockers into a more significant locker subject to availability, payment of applicable fees, submission of KYC documents, and signing of revised agreements.

Application for Relinquishing Bank Locker Due to Safety Concerns

Sometimes, customers may develop concerns over the safety of contents stored in bank lockers. An application for voluntary termination of locker can be submitted in such cases with proper escalation of risks involved.

Date: 15 November 2023


The Branch Manager

PQR Bank

Anna Nagar Branch


Subject: Application for relinquishing locker No.456 due to safety concerns

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Gayathri Shankar, hold Locker Number 456 at your Anna Nagar branch in Chennai with Customer ID 774XX21. I have maintained the said locker at your branch for over five years to store important property documents, family jewelry, and other valuables.

Of late, I have observed lapses in security and upkeep at your branch – CCTV cameras need to be fixed on some vault access paths, rooms are dirty/not well-maintained, there is insufficient staff at locker counters during peak hours, and customers get access without proper verification at times. Such lack of oversight is creating grave concerns regarding the safety of my locker contents.

I verbally informed the relationship manager earlier but have not seen any improvements. As risks remain high, I wish to discontinue the locker facility immediately. Please initiate the process for locker closure urgently, including guidance for transferring contents to alternate storage. Early termination is appreciated before incidences of theft/loss start occurring due to poor security.

If the security and processes are amended urgently, I can escalate the matter to the relevant authorities. Please feel free to call me to discuss this in detail.


Gayathri Shankar

Contact: 9884127365

Escalating risks through proper channels sometimes compels banks to take corrective actions, benefiting all customers. One should, however, provide specific examples while raising concerns.

Application for Closure of Joint Bank Locker after Separation

Joint locker holders may submit a closure request upon legal separation or dispute between the operating owners. Below is a sample application format:

Date: 20 November 2023


The Branch Manager

ZYX Bank

MG Road Branch

New Delhi

Subject: Application for closure of Joint Locker No. 555 post relationship dissolution between holders

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, Raj Shekhar, entered into joint custody of Locker Number 555 at your MG Road New Delhi branch with my then spouse, Priya Shekhar, in May 2018 when we took the locker on rent for the first time. Our joint customer ID for the locker is 890XX15.

As we have legally separated and filed for dissolution of the marriage, we would also like to terminate operations of the jointly held bank locker. There is no dispute between us on the ownership of contents, which will be mutually split once taken out of the said locker.

Thus, please initiate the closure process for Locker No 555 and guide emptying and handing over the contents. Upon completion, the locker may be allotted to another customer.

Do contact me for any further requirements.


Raj Shekhar

Contact: 8756932410

Banks generally prefer to avoid pending disputes between joint holders while processing locker closure applications, failing which customer dispute redressal processes get triggered, leading to delays.

Application to Close and Transfer Bank Locker Contents to Heirs

In unfortunate events of the sole locker holder’s death, legal heirs can apply closure while seeking the transfer of contents into the names of successors. Below is a sample format:

Date: 24 November 2023


The Branch Manager

The Indian Bank

Church Street Branch


Subject: Application for closure of Locker No. 777 and transfer of contents upon the death of an original holder

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to regretfully inform you about the sad demise of Mr. Veeresh Raina, who held Locker Number 777 at your Church Street branch in Bengaluru under his Customer ID 009XX86.

As the legal heirs and children of the late Mr. Veeresh Raina, we request you to please initiate the closure of the said locker and transfer its contents comprising jewelry, property documents, and other valuable items into our names for continued safekeeping with your bank.

We would like to personally visit the branch soon to complete the necessary formalities by submitting necessary supporting documents and signing revised agreements. Please guide us on the exact process and requirements as quickly as possible.

We seek your full cooperation on priority to execute a smooth transition of the locker ownership for us to continue honoring our deceased father’s wishes. Do call either of us if any clarification or documents are needed.


  1. Anil Raina (Son; Contact No: 7654931821)
  2. Nicholas Raina (Son; Contact No: 8991127633 )

It is imperative for legal heirs to establish conclusive succession rights over all locker contents left behind by the deceased while submitting such applications. Banks also complete due verifications for closure approvals.

How to Write an Application for Closing Bank Locker

While submitting applications to close bank lockers, customers must follow specific guidelines:

  • Always address the application to the bank’s branch manager under whose custody the locker exists. Provide complete locker details – number, owning branch, account number/ID.
  • Clearly state ALL reasons and circumstances forming the basis of your closure request.
  • Specify the expected process – date from which closure is needed, mode of transferring contents, etc. Adhere to bank protocols.
  • Attach necessary supporting proofs – identity/address documents, authorization papers, legal notifications, etc., as applicable.
  • Sign the application and provide contact details for further communication.
  • Make copies before submitting applications in duplicate/triplicate as per bank process.

Some additional tips for positive outcomes:

  • Maintain politeness and explain any financial constraints to evoke empathy
  • Visit the branch personally to discuss emergency needs requiring faster closures
  • Bring joint account holders along if applying for joint locker termination
  • Keep follow-ups if approval delays exceed confirmed timelines

Following such guidelines on locker termination applications can streamline processing while avoiding undue delays or rejections due to a lack of information. Consider banks’ protocols and staff guidance during such locker transfers or exits. Stay engaged jointly for smooth closure.

Applications For Closing Bank Locker With Pictures

Application for Relinquishing Bank Locker Due to Safety Concerns
Application for Relinquishing Bank Locker Due to Safety Concerns
Application Requesting Consolidation of Multiple Bank Lockers
Application Requesting Consolidation of Multiple Bank Lockers
Application for Closure of Joint Bank Locker after Separation
Application for Closure of Joint Bank Locker after Separation
Application to Terminate Bank Locker Due to Financial Constraints
Application to Terminate Bank Locker Due to Financial Constraints


Bank lockers render handy securitized spaces for protecting one’s most valued assets, including documents, jewelry, and currency deposits. However, changing life circumstances may sometimes necessitate discontinuing such services and facilities. Customers can submit applications stating valid reasons for terminating locker agreements with banks. Such applications are processed per established protocols subject to paperwork, approvals, and content transfers within stipulated timelines.

Banks usually support customer needs, including shifting contents to new locations or names of successors in moving cities, consolidations for optimizing locker rents, separation disputes between joint holders, financial distress or death of original owners. Thus, by providing the correct documents and details and following standard processes, locker discontinuation requests generally receive positive outcomes from banks after customary verifications. Using our sample application templates as guides can further ease your processes, meeting bank guidelines for smooth exits and closures in a time-bound, risk-free manner.


Can we submit a joint application for surrendering a bank locker held in common names?

Yes, in case two or more people jointly hold a bank locker, the application for closure should reflect the consent of all holders or their authorized signatories in case of unavailability. This is needed for banks to release content to all stakeholders lawfully.

What kind of penalties do banks charge for delay in collecting locker contents post closure?

Banks typically wait 30 days after approving your locker closure request to collect all items. If this deadline is not met, an overstay penalty, like charging extra rent, may apply. In worst cases, banks will break open lockers forcibly and move contents into safekeeping, which also attracts applicable fees.

Can someone else submit and collect contents from my closed locker on my behalf?

Yes, banks allow authorized representatives on behalf of original locker holders to submit applications and collect contents later by presenting valid authorization letters, ID proofs, consent letters, and applicable Power of Attorney documents. Authorization gets verified before handing over possessions.

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