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99 Impressive English To Urdu & Hindi Vocabulary Words for Daily Use

English To Urdu & Hindi Vocabulary Words for Daily Use
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Learning new vocabulary words in English and knowing their Urdu, and Hindi meanings can greatly help improve your English language skills. Here are 99 advanced English words with Urdu translations that can be useful for daily conversation:

List of 99 English Vocabulary Words With Urdu & Hindi Meanings

English Urdu Hindi
Abrogate منسوخ کرنا Mansukh karna
Aberration انحراف Inhiraf
Abjure قسم کھاکر کر انکار کرنا Qasam kha kar inkaar karna
Accolade تعریف، تحسین Taarif, tahseen
Accretion اضافہ Izafa
Adamant پکا Pakka
Admonish تنبیہ دینا Tanbih dena
Adulterate ملاوٹ کرنا Milawat karna
Advocate حامی Hami
Affluent دولت مند Daulatmand
Alacrity تیزی سے Tezi se
Allude اشارہ کرنا Ishara karna
Altruism انسان دوستی Insaan dosti
Ambiguous مبہم Mubham
Ameliorate بہتر بنانا Behtar banane
Amnesty رعایت Raiyyat
Animosity عداوت Adawat
Anomaly غیر معمولی Ghair mamooli
Antipathy نفرت Nafrat
Apologetic معافی طلبانہ Maafi talabana
Ascetic زاہد Zaahid
Assuage تسکین دینا Taskin dena
Astute باہوش Baahosh
Austere سادہ زندگی پسند Sada zindagi pasand
Autonomous خودمختار Khudmukhtar
Banal بےمعنی Bemaani
Belittle خوار جھنانا Khar jhanaana
Bellicose جنگ طلب Jung talab
Benign مہربان Meharbaan
Benevolent خیرخواہانہ Khairkhwaahana
Bolster مضبوط بنانا Mazboot banana
Bombastic زبردستانہ Zabardastana
Bumptious لاپرواہ Laaparwah
Capricious کپکپا Kapkapaa
Castigate شدید الفاظ میں سزا دینا Shiddat alfaaz mein saza dena
Cavalier بے پروا Beparwah
Celibacy بےزاواجی Bezaawaaji
Chauvinist زیادہ غیرت وطن رکھنے والا Zyada ghairat-e-watan rakhne wala
Cherubic معصوم Masoom
Chronic مسلسل Musalsal
Circumspect حوصلہ سنبھالنا Hoshiyaari se kaam lena
Clairvoyant آیندہ دیکھنے والا Aindah dekhne waala
Clemency رحم دلی Rehamdili
Coerce مجبور کرنا Majboor karna
Cognitive شعوری Shuuri
Collaborate مل کر کام کرنا Milkar kaam karna
Commodious وسیع Wasie
Complacent خوش حال Khushhaal
Conciliatory مدارائی والا Mudaraai waala
Concoct بنانا Banaana
Conducive موافق Mawafiq
Confound حیران کرنا Hairan karna
Conspicuous نمایاں Numaayaan
Contemptuous تحقیر آمیز Tahqeer aamez
Contrite پشیمان Pashimaan
Conundrum پیچیدہ مسئلہ Pechida masla
Convoke بلانا Bulana
Craven دبنے والا Dabne waala
Credulous آسانی سے یقین کرنے والا Aasani se yaqeen karne waala
Cynical منفی Manfi
Debacle شکست Shikast
Decadent مفسد Mufsed
Deference احترام Ihtiram
Deride تھوکنا Thookna
Derogatory توہین آمیز Tawheen aamez
Desiccate خشک کرنا Khushk karna
Despondent مایوس Maayoos
Deterrent روکنے والی چیز Rokne waali cheez
Didactic تعلیمی Taaleemi
Diffidence خجالت Hijaabat
Dilatory تاخیر کرنے والا Taakhir karne waala
Disabuse غلط فہمی دور کرنا Ghalat fehmi door karna
Discern غوروفکر کرکے دیکھنا Ghaur o fikr karke dekhna
Disconcert پریشان کرنا Pareshaan karna
Discreet حکیمانہ Hakimaana
Disinterested غیر جانبدار Ghair jaanbardaar
Dismay افسوس Afsos
Disparage چھوٹا سمجھنا Chhota samajhna
Disparate مختلف Mukhtalif
Dispassionate بےغرض Begharaaz
Dissemble منافقت کرنا Munafiqat karna
Dissident باغی Baaghi
Dogmatic جزم پیشہ Jazbaati
Dupe فریب دینا Fareb dena
Ebullience خوشحالی Khushhaali
Eccentric عجیب Ajeeb
Efficacy کارآمدی Kaar amendedi
Effrontery بےشرمی Besharamie
Elegy مرثیہ Marsiya
Elicit باہر نکالنا Baahar nikalna
Elucidate واضح کرنا Wazeh karna
Emaciated دبلا ہوا Dubla huaa
Embellish آراستہ کرنا Araasta karna
Empirical تجرباتی Tajurbaati
Encumbrance بوجھ Bojh
Enduring برداشت کرنے والا Bardasht karne waala
Enervate کمزور کرنا Kamzor karna
Engender پیدا کرنا Paida karna
Ephemeral فانی Faani

Daily Use Advanced Vocabulary Words With Meanings and Examples

Abrogate – منسوخ کرنا

Meaning: To abolish or repeal something such as a law or agreement.

Example: The new government decided to abrogate the peace treaty that was signed by the previous regime.

Aberration – انحراف

Meaning: Something that deviates from the usual or expected course.

Example: The low voter turnout during the by-election was an aberration from the usually high turnout.

Abjure – قسم خور کر انکار کرنا

Meaning: To renounce or reject something solemnly.

Example: He recanted his radical beliefs after realizing how harmful they were.

Accolade – تعریف، تحسین

Meaning: An award or honor recognizing an achievement.

Example: The actor received accolades from critics and audiences for his brilliant performance in the film.

Accretion – اضافہ

Meaning: The process of growth or increase by gradual addition.

Example: Over the years, wealth and power have been in the hands of a small elite.

Adamant – پکا

Meaning: Refusing to change one’s mind or position.

Example: Despite everyone’s feedback, the manager was adamant about changing the company’s policy.

Admonish – تنبیہ دینا

Meaning: To gently scold or warn someone.

Example: The teacher admonished the disruptive student to behave appropriately in class.

Adulterate – ملاوٹ کرنا

Meaning: To make something impure by adding improper or inferior ingredients.

Example: Some shopkeepers adulterate milk by mixing water before selling it.

Advocate – حامی

Meaning: To publicly support or recommend something or someone.

Example: Malala advocates strongly for female education and empowerment.

Affluent – دولت مند

Meaning: Wealthy or having a lot of money.

Example: He comes from an affluent family and has never struggled financially.

Alacrity – تیزی سے

Meaning: Eagerness or enthusiasm shown while doing something.

Example: She accepted the challenging project with confidence.

Allude – اشارہ کرنا

Meaning: To refer indirectly to something.

Example: His speech alluded to the recent scandal, without mentioning it directly.

Altruism – انسان دوستی

Meaning: Selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Example: His years volunteering and helping people experiencing poverty testify to his compassion and altruism.

Ambiguous – مبہم

Meaning: Not clear and can have multiple meanings.

Example: His instructions were ambiguous, so I needed clarification about what to do.

Ameliorate – بہتر بنانا

Meaning: To make something wrong or unsatisfactory better.

Example: New policies were implemented to facilitate the living conditions in the slums.

Amnesty – رعایت

Meaning: An official pardon for those convicted of a crime.

Example: The new government announced amnesty for political prisoners arrested by the previous regime.

Animosity – عداوت

Meaning: Strong hostility or ill feeling.

Example: There is animosity between the two political parties, as neither wants to compromise.

Anomaly – غیر معمولی

Meaning: Something that deviates from what is typical or expected.

Example: Finding ice in the desert would be an anomaly since deserts are usually hot.

Antipathy – نفرت

Meaning: A strong feeling of dislike, opposition, or aversion.

Example: I have an antipathy for horror movies and avoid watching them.

Apologetic – معافی طلبانہ

Meaning: Feeling or showing regret for doing something wrong or causing trouble.

Example: He felt apologetic for arriving late at the meeting.

Ascetic – زاہد

Meaning: Practicing self-denial for religious reasons.

Example: The monk led an ascetic life, renouncing worldly pleasures.

Assuage – تسکین دینا

Meaning: To ease worries, pain, distress, etc.

Example: A hot cup of tea helped assuage her anxiety after a long, tiring day.

Astute – باہوش

Meaning: Having or showing an ability to understand things quickly and make sound judgments.

Example: An astute businessman, he intuitively understood the market trends.

Austere – سادہ زندگی پسند

Meaning: Having a plain and straightforward style without excess.

Example: He had an austere lifestyle, renouncing luxuries and comforts.

Autonomous – خودمختار

Meaning: Having the freedom to act independently and with authority.

Example: Each division of our company operates as an autonomous unit.

Banal – بےمعنی

Meaning: Not original, unimaginative, dull, and predictable.

Example: The movie plot was so bland that it felt like I had seen it many times before.

Belittle – خوار جھنانا

Meaning: To make someone or something seem unimportant.

Example: I hate how he constantly belittles my opinions during meetings and family gatherings.

Bellicose – جنگ طلب

Meaning: Aggressive and ready to argue or fight.

Example: It is dangerous for countries when their leaders make bellicose threats against each other.

Benign – مہربان

Meaning: Gentle, kind, gracious. Causing no harm or damage.

Example: Fortunately, the medical tests showed it was a benign tumor and not malignant.

Benevolent – خیرخواہانہ

Meaning: Well-meaning, kindly, disposed to doing good deeds.

Example: He was known for benevolent work for the poor and helpless.

Bolster – مضبوط بنانا

Meaning: To support, strengthen, or reinforce something.

Example: More evidence is needed to bolster her testimony in court.

Bombastic – زبردستانہ

Meaning: Using language in an over-the-top, pompous style to impress people.

Example: The leader was known for making bombastic speeches full of exaggerated claims.

Bumptious – لاپرواہ

Meaning: Offensively self-assertive, loud, and difficult to control.

Example: He has an arrogant personality and likes to dominate every conversation.

Capricious – کپکپا

Meaning: Likely to suddenly change one’s mind, decision, or course of action.

Example: The weather here can be inconsistent, with sudden storms.

Castigate – شدید الفاظ میں سزا دینا

Meaning: To censure someone.

Example: She was criticized by her parents for staying out late.

Cavalier – بے پروا

Meaning: Casual and offhand, without due care and attention.

Example: She has a cavalier attitude to rules and regulations.

Celibacy – بےزاواجی

Meaning: Abstinence from marriage and sexual relations.

Example: He chose a life of celibacy and solitude to focus on his spiritual journey.

Chauvinist – زیادہ غیرت وطن رکھنے والا

Meaning: A person strongly believes their country or group is superior to others.

Example: He came across as quite the chauvinist, refusing to acknowledge any achievements by other national teams.

Cherubic – معصوم

Meaning: Innocent and angelic looking.

Example: With her cheerful smile and cherubic face, she looked adorable in her new dress.

Chronic – مسلسل

Meaning: Constant, lasting a long time, or recurring frequently.

Example: He suffers from chronic back pain that never seems to go away.

Circumspect – حوصلہ سنبھالنا

Meaning: Careful and cautious, paying attention to potential risks and consequences.

Example: When debating such a controversial issue, you must be cautious in choosing your words.

Clairvoyant – آیندہ دیکھنے والا

Meaning: Having supernatural insight to see into the future.

Example: The clairvoyant made some startling predictions about world events.

Clemency – رحم دلی

Meaning: Mercy, leniency, compassion shown towards offenders or enemies.

Example: The convict hoped the court would show compassion and reduce his sentence.

Coerce – مجبور کرنا

Meaning: To force someone to do something by threats, intimidation, or authority.

Example: They coerced the enemy soldiers to surrender their arms.

Cognitive – شعوری

Meaning: Relating to mental processes like thinking, understanding, learning, reasoning, etc.

Example: Cognitive decline, such as memory loss or slower information processing, can occur as we age.

Collaborate – مل کر کام کرنا

Meaning: To work together with others on a project.

Example: The authors collaborated to write and publish the book.

Commodious – وسیع

Meaning: Spacious, roomy, and comfortable.

Example: It was a spacious hall with ample space to accommodate 500 guests.

Complacent – خوش حال

Meaning: Content, self-satisfied, unconcerned to improve oneself.

Example: After the success of his previous film, the director became complacent and did not try anything new.

Conciliatory – مدارائی والا

Meaning: Making the effort to resolve conflict through goodwill and compromise.

Example: Adopting a conciliatory tone, she tried to mediate between the two feuding families.

Concoct – بنانا

Meaning: To create something by mixing various ingredients.

Example: She concocted a new dish by experimenting with different spices and flavours.

Conducive – موافق

Meaning: Creating a favorable environment or conditions for something.

Example: The cool, breezy weather was conducive to playing outdoor sports.

Confound – حیران کرنا

Meaning: To cause confusion or puzzlement.

Example: This math problem confuses me as I can’t figure out the solution.

Conspicuous – نمایاں

Meaning: Very visible or easily noticed.

Example: Her loud, colorful outfit made her conspicuous in the quiet, formal gathering.

Contemptuous – تحقیر آمیز

Meaning: Scornful and disrespectful.

Example: He has a contemptuous attitude and often mocks people less talented than him.

Contrite – پشیمان

Meaning: Feeling remorse and regret over one’s misdeeds.

Example: Realizing his mistake, he felt contrite and apologized sincerely.

Conundrum – پیچیدہ مسئلہ

Meaning: A confusing problem or question that is difficult to solve.

Example: The detective faced a problem – how did the thief enter the locked room?

Convoke – بلانا

Meaning: Call together, summon, or convene for a formal meeting.

Example: The king convened his war council to discuss strategies against invading enemies.

Craven – دبنے والا

Meaning: Cowardly or contemptibly lacking courage.

Example: The soldiers were called craven deserters when they fled from the battlefield.

Credulous – آسانی سے یقین کرنے والا

Meaning: Too trusting or gullible, easily convinced or persuaded.

Example: Don’t be so gullible as to give your money to any stranger who claims he is collecting donations.

Cynical – منفی

Meaning: Believing people are generally selfish, dishonest, and motivated mainly through self-interest.

Example: After years in politics, she has become cynical about human nature.

Debacle – شکست

Meaning: A sudden disastrous failure or collapse.

Example: The military operation was a major debacle with huge losses.

Decadent – مفسد

Meaning: Characterized by overindulgence, laziness, and moral decline.

Example: The empire collapsed due to its decadent culture of wealth, luxury, and vice.

Deference – احترام

Meaning: Polite submission and respect.

Example: He treated his elders with great deference.

Deride – تھوکنا

Meaning: To mock, ridicule, or scorn someone or something.

Example: She derided him for being scared to take risks and try new things.

Derogatory – توہین آمیز

Meaning: Disrespectful and damaging to someone’s reputation.

Example: Please avoid making derogatory comments about anyone in your speech.

Desiccate – خشک کرنا

Meaning: To dry out completely, remove all moisture.

Example: The hot sun will desiccate the grass and plants if not watered daily.

Despondent – مایوس

Meaning: Feeling utterly hopeless, depressed, and discouraged.

Example: After losing his job, he became discouraged about his prospects.

Deterrent – روکنے والی چیز

Meaning: Something that discourages or prevents someone from doing something.

Example: Harsh legal punishments serve as a deterrent to crime.

Didactic – تعلیمی

Meaning: Intended to teach, particularly in a condescending way.

Example: The book takes a didactic approach and offers lessons through its moralistic stories.

Diffidence – خجالت

Meaning: Shyness and lack of confidence.

Example: Her shyness prevented her from speaking up at meetings with senior officials.

Dilatory – تاخیر کرنے والا

Meaning: Procrastinating and causing delays due to laziness or reluctance.

Example: We cannot tolerate any more dilatory excuses; the project has to be completed within the deadline.

Disabuse – غلط فہمی دور کرنا

Meaning: To make someone realize their belief or understanding is incorrect.

Example: Let me disabuse you that this task requires no effort – it will take diligent work.

Discern – غوروفکر کرکے دیکھنا

Meaning: To recognize, pick out, or perceive something vague or unclear.

Example: In the darkness, I could just about discern the outline of a figure standing by the trees.

Disconcert – پریشان کرنا

Meaning: To unsettle, confuse, or embarrass someone.

Example: She was disconcerted by his pointed questions during the interview.

Discreet – حوصلہ سنبھالنے والا

Meaning: Judicious, prudent, and careful about keeping something private or confidential.

Example: As her lawyer, he was very discreet about the details of her case.

Disinterested – غیر جانبدار

Meaning: Neutral, unbiased, impartial.

Dismay – افسوس

Meaning: Consternation and distress.

Example: Much to her dismay, she failed the exam despite studying hard.

Disparage – چھوٹا سمجھنا

Meaning: To belittle, undervalue or discredit someone or something.

Example: He has a habit of constantly disparaging others’ achievements.

Disparate – مختلف

Meaning: Essentially different, distinct, or unrelated.

Example: The report drew data from disparate sources and contexts.

Dispassionate – بےغرض

Meaning: Fair, just, and fact-based, unaffected by emotions or opinions.

Example: The judge’s dispassionate verdict was based purely on the evidence presented in court.

Dissemble – منافقت کرنا

Meaning: To conceal one’s true motives, feelings, or beliefs.

Example: When questioned about the incident, he disassembled his involvement.

Dissident – باغی

Meaning: Disagreeing with official policy and dissenting from majority opinion.

Example: The dissident was jailed for speaking out against the authoritarian government.

Dogmatic – جزم پیشہ

Meaning: Stubbornly adhering to set beliefs or principles without considering others’ opinions.

Example: He has dogmatic views on politics and refuses to entertain any other perspectives.

Dupe – فریب دینا

Meaning: To trick or fool someone into believing or doing something.

Example: The con artist duped many people by pretending to be a Nigerian prince needing money.

Ebullience – خوشحالی

Meaning: Excitement, enthusiasm, cheerfulness.

Example: I was amazed at the child’s vitality and energy while playing with his friends.

Eccentric – عجیب

Meaning: Unconventional, quirky, aberrant from the norm.

Example: In the neighborhood, the old lady with fifteen cats was seen as quite eccentric.

Efficacy – کارآمدی

Meaning: Ability to produce the desired effect or result.

Example: Clinical trials confirmed the efficacy of the new drug in curing the disease.

Effrontery – بےشرمی

Meaning: Offensive boldness, impudence.

Example: He dared to insult me in front of others at the party.

Elegy – مرثیہ

Meaning: A mournful poem lamenting someone’s death.

Example: He wrote an elegy to honor the soldiers who died in battle.

Elicit – باہر نکالنا

Meaning: To draw out, evoke, or provoke a response or reaction.

Example: The documentary elicited strong reactions from viewers about the social issues highlighted in it.

Elucidate – واضح کرنا

Meaning: To make something clear, explain in detail.

Example: The teacher tried to elucidate the difficult physics concepts to help students understand better.

Emaciated – دبلا ہوا

Meaning: Abnormally thin and weak, often due to starvation or illness.

Example: The beggar looked emaciated, with his rib cage sticking out prominently.

Embellish – آراستہ کرنا

Meaning: To decorate, adorn, or enhance something with extra details.

Example: She embellished her account of the incident with exaggerated descriptions, although I wanted just the facts.

Empirical – تجرباتی

Meaning: Based on observation, experiment, or experience rather than theory.

Example: His conclusions rely on empirical evidence gathered from surveys.

Encumbrance – بوجھ

Meaning: A burden weighing someone down, an obstacle.

Example: I felt free from encumbrances and could pursue my dreams after paying off my college loans.

Enduring – برداشت کرنے والا

Meaning: Lasting over time, able to patiently withstand troubles.

Example: Their enduring marriage has survived ups and downs over five decades.

Enervate – کمزور کرنا

Meaning: To weaken or deplete someone’s energy or vitality.

Example: She felt enervated after three sleepless nights working on the project.

Engender – پیدا کرنا

Meaning: To give rise to, produce, cause something to develop.

Example: Too much traffic engenders frustration in drivers.

Ephemeral – فانی

Meaning: Short-lived, transient, fleeting.

Example: Fads in fashion are often temporary, quickly fading away.

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English To Urdu & Hindi Vocabulary Words for Daily Use

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Learning advanced English vocabulary and Urdu meanings helps improve fluency and understanding. The 99 words here cover a diverse range of topics and usage contexts. Mastering them can expand your lexicon and elevate your English proficiency. Try using these words in daily conversation, writing, and reading to gain familiarity. With regular practice, they will become part of your active vocabulary.


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