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English to Urdu Summer Sentences With Translation

Sentences Summer in Urdu and English
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Summer Sentences presents a beautiful opportunity to improve our English-speaking skills through the use of Sentences For Summer that capture the essence of the season.

By including summer-themed sentences in our daily discussions and language practice, we can improve our vocabulary, grammar, and fluency while assuming the joy of the season.

In this article, we will explore how sentences for summer in English can help us enhance our English-speaking skills, describe the season’s beauty, and explain various summer activities.

English to Urdu Summer Sentences

Here is the complete list of English to Urdu sentences for summer. also, we included vacation summer sentences that you can use in everyday conversation.

I love the warmth of summer. مجھے موسم گرما کی گرمی پسند ہے۔
It’s a scorching day. یہ ایک جھلسا دینے والا دن ہے۔
I am thirsty. میں پیاسا ہوں۔.
What do you want to drink? آپ کیا پینا چاہتے ہو؟
Turn the fan on. پنکھا چلادیں۔
What’s your favorite season? آپ کا پسندیدہ موسم کونسا ہے؟
I enjoy swimming during the summer. میں گرمیوں میں تیراکی کرنا پسند کرتا ہوں۔
I love the smell of fresh flowers. مجھے تازہ پھولوں کی خوشبو بہت پسند ہے۔
The birds are chirping outside. باہر پرندے چہچہا رہے ہیں۔
What’s for breakfast today? آج ناشتے میں کیا ہے؟
What’s for breakfast today? آج ناشتے میں کیا ہے؟
The sound of thunder from the clouds scared me. بادلوں سے گرجنے کی آواز نے مجھے ڈرا دیا۔

English to Urdu Summer Sentences

List 2 – Summer Sentences in Urdu

Here is the list 2 of summer sentences for speaking English in daily routine conservation.

It’s hot today. آج گرمی ہے۔
I’m sweating in the sun. مجھے دھوپ میں پسینہ آ رہا ہے۔
I need a cold drink. مجھے کولڈ ڈرنک چاہیے۔
Let’s go swimming. چلو تیراکی کرتے ہیں۔
Stay indoors; it’s sunny outside. گھر کے اندر رہنا؛ باہر دھوپ ہے۔
I’m sweating a lot. مجھے بہت پسینہ آ رہا ہے۔
The beach is crowded. ساحل پر ہجوم ہے۔
I love summer nights. مجھے گرمیوں کی راتیں پسند ہیں۔
Ice cream melts quickly in the heat. گرمی میں آئس کریم تیزی سے پگھل جاتی ہے۔
Sunscreen is important. سن اسکرین اہم ہے۔
Time for a picnic. پکنک کا وقت ہے۔
Summer brings joy. موسم گرما خوشی لاتا ہے۔

English to Urdu Summer Sentences

List 3 – Sentences For Summer Season

In this list, we will discuss season summer sentences for speaking English.

It’s a perfect day for a hike. یہ پیدل سفر کے لیے بہترین دن ہے۔
I’m enjoying the sunshine. میں دھوپ سے لطف اندوز ہو رہا ہوں۔
Summer fruits are delicious. موسم گرما کے پھل لذیذ ہوتے ہیں۔
I love the warm evenings. مجھے گرم شامیں پسند ہیں۔
Cold drinks are so refreshing. کولڈ ڈرنکس بہت تازگی بخشتے ہیں۔
Summer concerts bring good vibes. موسم گرما کے کنسرٹس اچھے وائبز لاتے ہیں۔
Sunscreen is a must. سن اسکرین لازمی ہے۔
Don’t go outside, it’s too hot. باہر مت جاؤ، بہت گرمی ہے۔
When will the school holidays be announced? سکولوں کی چھٹیوں کا اعلان کب ہوگا؟
Children are doing summer vacation homework. بچے گرمیوں کی چھٹیوں میں ہوم ورک کر رہے ہیں۔
Have you done your homework? کیا آپ نے اپنا ہوم ورک کیا ہے؟
Turn on the cooler. کولر آن کریں۔

English to Urdu Summer Sentences

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List 4 – Summer Sentences in English and Urdu

In this list, we will discuss summer sentences for those person wants to improve their English. Also, those phrases are useful for kids and every person that has an interest to learn English language skills.

Turn off the AC. اے سی بند کر دیں۔
The electricity bill is high. بجلی کا بل زیادہ ہے۔
We can’t pay the electricity bill.  ہم بجلی کا بل ادا نہیں کر سکتے۔
There is a lot of load shedding. لوڈ شیڈنگ بہت ہے۔
Do not wash the floor with water. فرش کو پانی سے نہ دھوئیں۔
Are you feeling hot? کیا آپ کو گرمی لگ رہی ہے؟
Do not drink too much cold water. بہت زیادہ ٹھنڈا پانی نہ پئیں۔
Place the bottle in the refrigerator. بوتل کو فریج میں رکھیں۔
Summer vacations are for relaxation. گرمیوں کی چھٹیاں آرام کے لیے ہوتی ہیں۔
The watermelon is so juicy. تربوز بہت رسیلا ہے۔
The sun is shining brightly. سورج چمک رہا ہے۔
I love the warm evenings. مجھے گرم شامیں پسند ہیں۔

English to Urdu Summer Sentences


Q1: How can summer sentences in English help improve language skills?

A1: Summer sentences in English can improve language skills by boosting vocabulary, practising grammar structures, and creating clarifying language. They provide direction for new words and everyday expressions, offer opportunities to practice verb tenses and sentence structures, and boost the use of definitive descriptions to communicate effectively.

Q2: What are some examples of summer sentences in English?

A2: Here are a few examples of summer sentences in English:

  1. The sun’s rays heated my skin as I lounged by the pool.
  2. We enjoyed a refreshing breeze while walking along the sandy beach.
  3. Summer nights are perfect for stargazing and making lasting memories.

Using sentences like these can capture the essence of summer and help improve language skills.

Q3: How can I include summer sentences into language practice?

A3: You can include summer sentences into language practice by using them in chats, writing exercises, or even creating flashcards. Practice describing summer activities, expressing likes, or sharing personal experiences using these sentences. Additionally, engaging in conversations or language exchange with others allows for the natural integration of summer sentences into your practice, helping you become more fluent and confident in English.


In conclusion, including sentences for summer in English not only allows us to express the beauty of the season but also serves as a valuable tool for improving our English-speaking skills. By expanding our vocabulary, practicing grammar structures, and exploring descriptive language, we can enhance our overall fluency and become more confident in our English communication. So, let’s embrace the essence of summer and make the most of this season to promote our language skills.

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