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10+ Best Leave Extension Application (2023)

Leave Extension Application
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At some point in your career, you may need to request a Leave Extension Application of absence you have already been granted by your employer. While companies have policies on leaves and wings, with thoughtful requests, there is often flexibility in exceptional circumstances. This article will provide details on how to write a practical leave extension application.

Reasons for Leave Extension Application

There can be many valid reasons for requiring extra leave beyond what was initially approved. Some common ones include:

 Medical Reasons

Suppose you or a family member has a medical situation that persists longer than anticipated. In that case, more recovery time may be necessary. Supporting documentation from a doctor is essential in this case.

For example:

Leave Extension Request Due To Medical Treatment  

Dear Mrs Arnav,

I, Danielle, am writing to request an extension of my sick leave. I am an Accounts Manager at Al-Baraka Bank’s Dubai Branch. Due to dengue fever, I was on sick leave from January 22, 2020, to February 15, 2020. 

As per the doctor’s certificate, I need further weeks of rest and treatment until March 1, 2020. Please extend my sick leave until March 1 so that I can fully recover before resuming work.

Thank you.



Leave Extension Request Due To Medical Treatment

Family Emergencies

Family crises like death, accident, or sudden illness that require prolonged attention are understandable grounds for seeking a leave extension.

For example: 

Application For Leave Extension Due To Family Problem 

Dear Madam,

I, Rahul Sharma (Employee ID: 0552), working as Site Manager at My Pharmacy, am writing to request an extension of my leave. 

I was on vacation for my wedding from May 1 to May 15, 2014. Unfortunately, my father was hospitalized in Mangalore for heart surgery on May 25. I urgently need to be there for the procedure and follow-up care.  

I request your approval to extend my leave until May 31, 2014. I will return to duty on June 1 and work additional hours to complete any pending work. Please advise if you need any other documents to support this leave extension. 

I appreciate your consideration.


Rahul Sharma

Application For Leave Extension Due To Family Problem

Leave Extension Application For Travel 

If you were on leave for traveling, delays getting visa/paperwork, flight cancellations, or any unexpected problems with your itinerary could mean you need a few extra days.

Here is the application sample of  travel for leave extension.

Dear Sir, 

I am Samuel Peter, the Marketing Manager at Raja Corporation’s New Delhi office. My leave from August 1 to August 16, 2024, had been approved for my sister’s wedding in Mangalore, India.

Due to flight and passport issues, I am still in Mangalore. Please extend my leave until August 25, 2014, so that I can sort out the formalities and return to work. I will work extra hours upon returning to cover up for this extended absence. 


Samuel Peter

Delays In Travel Leave Extension Application

How to Write a Leave Extension Application

When drafting a leave extension request, follow these tips:

Format and Structure

Follow your company’s application format if there is one. Otherwise, use a formal letter or email structure. Include your name, employee ID, department, approved leave dates, and your requested extension duration.

Polite and Formal Language  

Use respectful, formal wording appropriate for a business setting. Avoid casual phrases, and use “please” and “thank you.” 

Provide Reasons and Supporting Documents

Explain in detail why you need the extension and provide any relevant supporting documents—for example, a doctor’s letter for medical reasons.

Request Extension Duration Specifically 

Rather than asking for “more time,” state the exact number of additional days/weeks you need.

Offer to Make Up for Lost Time 

Assure the company you will make up for the extra leave by putting in additional hours/days when you return or taking less vacation time later.

Thank the Company for your Consideration

Express appreciation for the company’s consideration of your extension request.

Tips for Successful Leave Extension Request   

To boost your chances of having a leave extension approved, keep these tips in mind:

Give Advance Notice

Submit the request as far in advance as possible rather than asking for more leave at the last minute. 

Be Honest

Provide the real reason you need more time. Transparency is key.

Follow Company Policy

Provide the company’s guidelines and procedures for requesting extended leave. 

Provide Contact Details 

Give details on how to reach you during the leave extension if required. 

Make Other Arrangements

Offer to help arrange coverage of your duties during the extra absence.


While not guaranteed, leave extensions at work are often granted for legitimate reasons, provided they are requested professionally with ample notice. Make your case persuasively, be cooperative, and express willingness to make up the time. You can increase your chances of success with an appropriately formatted, polite application emphasizing the need and how you will manage the situation.


What if my leave extension request is rejected?

If your request is unfortunately denied, politely discuss alternative options with your manager or appeal to higher management if appropriate. Ultimately, you may have to cut the leave short or resign.

How much advance notice should I provide?

Ideally, request an extension 1-2 weeks in advance. For medical reasons, provide notice as soon as you know more leave is needed. 

Can I extend more than once?

Unless it is for the same ongoing situation, avoiding multiple extensions. They may be permitted, but it could be better.

What documents should I attach? 

Include any documentation relevant to the reason for the extension, such as medical certificates or emergency documents.

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