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100+ Top Occupation Names in English, Urdu & Hindi (2023)

100+ Top Occupation Names in English, Urdu & Hindi (2023)
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Knowing the different Occupation Names and professions in multiple languages can be very useful in today’s globalized world. Below is a list of 100 common Occupation Names in English, Urdu & Hindi to expand your vocabulary.

List of 100+ Occupation Names in English, Urdu & Hindi

Occupations related to business and finance

English Urdu Hindi Translation
Accountant حسابدار Hisaabdaar
Actuary اکچوری Akchouri
Auditor آڈیٹر Aaditar
Banker بینکر Banker
Bookkeeper حساب نگار Hisaab Nigaar
Businessman/Businesswoman تاجر / تاجرہ Tajir / Tajirah
Consultant مشیر Mushir
Economist معیشت دان Maeeshiat Daan
Entrepreneur سرمایہ کار Sarmaaya Kaar
Financial Advisor مالی مشیر Maali Mushir
Insurance Agent انشورنس ایجنٹ Insurance Agent
Investment Banker سرمایہ کاری بینکار Sarmaaya Kaari Bankaar
Loan Officer قرضہ دار Qarzaha Daar
Market Research Analyst مارکیٹ ریسرچ اینالسٹ Marketing Research Analyst
Salesperson سیلزمین / سیلزوومن Salesman / Saleswoman
Stockbroker سٹاک بروکر Stock Broker
Tax Accountant ٹیکس اکاؤنٹینٹ Tax Accountant

Profession Names related to business and finance

occupational names related to education and academia

English Urdu Roman Urdu
College Professor کالج پروفیسر College Professor
School Principal اسکول پرنسپل School Principal
Librarian لائبریرین Libraryan
Teacher استاد / استادہ Ustaad / Ustaadah
Tutor ٹیوشن ٹیچر Tuition Teacher

Occupations related to healthcare and medicine

1. Doctors

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Dentist دانتوں کا ڈاکٹر Danton Ka Doctor
Dermatologist جلد کا ماہر Jild Ka Muahir
General Practitioner عام ڈاکٹر Aam Doctor
Surgeon جراح Jarrah

2. Nurses

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Nurse نرس Nurse
Physician Assistant ڈاکٹر کا معاون Doctor Ka Muawin

Occupations related to hospitality and food service

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Baker نانبائی Naanbai
Chef باورچی خانہ کا خادم Bawarchi Khaana Ka Khadim
Restaurant Manager ریستوراں مینیجر Restaurant Manager
Waiter/Waitress ویٹر / ویٹریس Waiter / Waitress

Occupations related to IT and engineering

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Computer Programmer کمپیوٹر پروگرامر Computer Programmer
Database Administrator ڈیٹا بیس انتظام کار Database Administrator
Electrical Engineer بجلی کا مہندس Bijli Ka Muhandis
Graphic Designer گرافک ڈیزائنر Graphic Designer
Software Developer سافٹ ویئر ڈیولپر Software Developer
System Analyst سسٹم اینالسٹ System Analyst
Web Developer ویب ڈویلپر Web Developer

Occupations Names related to IT and engineering

Occupations related to law and criminal justice

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Attorney وکیل Vakeel
Judge جج Judge
Lawyer قانون دان Qanoon Daan
Legal Assistant قانونی معاون Qanooni Muawin
Paralegal قانونی سہولت کار Qanooni Suhooleat Kaar
Police Officer پولیس اہلکار Police Ahalkaar

Profession Names related to law and criminal justice

Occupations related to arts, design, and media

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Animator انیمیٹر Animator
Artist خاکہ نگار Khaaka Nigaar
Editor ایڈیٹر Editor
Fashion Designer فیشن ڈیزاینر Fashion Designer
Film Director فلم ڈائریکٹر Film Director
Journalist صحافی Sahaafi
Photographer تصویر نگار Tasveer Nigaar

Occupations related to arts, design, and media

Occupations related to construction and manual labor

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Bricklayer اینٹ رکھنے والا Aint Rakhne Waala
Carpenter برائے Baraaye
Construction Worker تعمیراتی مزدور Ta’mirati Mazdoor
Electrician بجلی کا مہتر Bijli Ka Muhtar
Laborer مزدور Mazdoor
Plumber پلمبر Plumber

Occupation Names

Occupations related to administration and office support

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Administrative Assistant انتظامی معاون Intizaami Muawin
Bookkeeper حساب نگار Hisaab Nigaar
Data Entry Clerk ڈیٹا انٹری کلرک Data Entry Clerk
Executive Assistant اجرائیہ معاون Ejraaiyah Muawin
Office Manager دفتر کا منیجر Daftar Ka Manager
Receptionist رسیور Receiver

Occupations Names related to administration and office support

Occupations related to maintenance, transportation, and logistics

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Bus Driver بس ڈرائیور Bus Driver
Courier قاصد Qasid
Mechanic میکانک Mechanic
Pilot طیار Tayyaar
Train Driver ٹرین ڈرائیور Train Driver
Truck Driver ٹرک ڈرائیور Truck Driver

Occupations Name related to maintenance, transportation, and logistics

Occupations related to sales, marketing, and customer service

English Urdu Roman Urdu
Cashier کیشیئر Cashier
Customer Service Representative کسٹمر سروس رپریزنٹیٹو Customer Service Representative
Marketing Manager مارکیٹنگ مینیجر Marketing Manager
Real Estate Agent ریل اسٹیٹ ایجنٹ Real Estate Agent
Retail Salesperson ریٹیل سیلزمین / سیلزوومن Retail Salesman / Saleswoman
Telemarketer ٹیلی مارکیٹر Telemarketer

Profession Names related to sales, marketing, and customer serviceImportance of Knowing Profession Names in Different Languages

Knowing occupation names in languages like English and Urdu can be very beneficial for several reasons:

  • It allows you to more easily communicate with people from different linguistic backgrounds in professional settings. You’ll be able to understand job titles and descriptions.
  • It expands your vocabulary and gives you greater fluency in each language. You’ll sound more natural and be better equipped for conversations.
  • It gives you insight into how ideas and concepts translate across languages. You can see similarities and differences in how professions are named.
  • Knowing terms in multiple languages looks great on a resume or CV. It shows you have multilingual skills valuable in our global economy.
  • You’ll be able to help bridge communication gaps between colleagues or clients who speak different languages. Acting as a translator helps teams work together more smoothly.

Overall, taking the time to learn occupation names in languages like English and Urdu will serve you well in our increasingly international business environment. It’s an easy way to boost your professional abilities and opportunities.


This list of 100 common occupation names in English and Urdu provides a great starting point to build your multilingual vocabulary. There are terms related to major industries like business, healthcare, tech, and more. Learning these occupation names in both languages will aid communication, expand your fluency, and demonstrate valuable bilingual abilities. Try memorizing this list and adding any missing terms you come across in your daily life. Knowing the names of jobs and professions in multiple tongues will support your career in our global marketplace.


Q: What are some tips for memorizing occupation names in English and Urdu?

A: Try making flashcards with the English term on one side and Urdu on the reverse. Quiz yourself periodically. Group terms by industry themes. Associate words with people you know in each profession. Say the words out loud when practicing. Listen to native speakers say the terms if possible.

Q: Where can I find more resources to learn occupation names in multiple languages?

A: Online dictionaries, Google Translate, language learning apps, YouTube language channels, and multilingual business glossaries all provide lists of occupation names in many languages. Local cultural centers, language meetups, and conversational clubs are also great resources.

Q: Which occupations have the most similar names in English and Urdu?

A: Some occupations with very similar English and Urdu names are doctor, engineer, programmer, manager, and teacher. The terms are recognizable cognates, making them easier to learn.

Q: What are the best strategies for remembering unfamiliar occupation names?

A: Relating new words to visuals, creating engaging stories, and using mnemonic devices like acronyms or rhymes are great memory aids. Repeated practice and use in context solidifies retention over time. Connecting terms to your own experiences makes them more meaningful too.

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